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The essence of Work that Works™

We spent this morning on a ‘deep dive’ into one of our client’s business and marketing needs. (United Scrap Metal, Inc.—an inspirational company with an amazing story). We reviewed all the traditional aspects of markets served, service offerings, industry trends, differentiating value propositions, etc. And how it wrapped up was with an extremely vigorous conversation about “so what?”  In other words, so what does that point mean to your marketplace. After all it all comes back to relevance.

If you ask the man- (or woman)-on-the-street what matters most, I suspect there will be little hesitation or confusion in answering that question — “my health”  “my family”  “peace, love and happiness”.

Now ask those same people that same question but in reference to their company and its offerings, be they product or service. They may default to simple answers like “price” or “quality”, or they may take a narcissistic approach, “job security”, “guaranteed pension.” Not necessarily wrong answers. But not answers that a marketer or communications officer or even brand manager want to hear. Human resources, maybe, but not the CMO.

Our jobs are to uncover those golden nuggets of relevance, and develop a visual and verbal language to tell the story. Not rocket science, but no easy task. It’s positioning and key message development and brand promise and nomenclature and pretty much everything we do.

A wise woman (Executive Director Kristen Smith of WOMMA) once said “all digital is driven by offline experiences’. In other words, in this time of social media explosion, websites, mobile marketing as well as traditional media, it is still by experiencing the benefit of a brand that the brand is built. And gets tweeted about. So determine value and relevance from the markets’ perspective and capitalize on it. It WILL work!


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