Could any statement be more generic? What holiday? And what greetings are you offering? Hi. Have a nice meal. Have a nice day. Have a nice life. You’re car is blocking my parking space, but I’m OK with that because it’s the ‘holidays’. Holiday Greetings is a title to a category, not a greeting. But I digress…

It’s one of the toughest assignments as a designer—to create a holiday card/ecard/gift/etc. for a client. How to be generic and meaningful. Warm but not too friendly. Sensitive and seasonal. Religion agnostic. And, oh yes, it has to have something to do with their business.MK-holiday-dog

No problem. We love a challenge! And have created some of our most memorable pieces over the years. From die-cut stars made out of mirrored foil papers, to potted amaryllis bulbs in custom tins wrapped with burlap and scavenged twigs, the outcomes have been as varied as the clients themselves. The common theme however running through all of this seasonal work is the inevitable ‘thank you’ and appreciation for the relationship. Regardless of how it is said or how it is delivered, the sentiment always rings true.

So as we approach Christmas 2015 and the start of a new year, everyone here at McKnight Kurland wants to wish all of you our heartfelt thanks for a wonderful year, and best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2016.

logoThis season, we have elected to make a donation to Children Across Borders—a charitable organization that paves the way for children of the world to a brighter future by providing sustained support in the form of education, health, housing, and wellness to under-privileged children while enabling the educational and cultural enlightenment of all children. They create a network of support for under-privileged children around the world by partnering with people and organizations who have chosen to dedicate their lives to helping these children lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Children Across Borders is creating and establishing a link between schools in the USA and schools in India that significantly lack resources of all kinds. Children Across Borders helps provide computers and technology related services to these need based schools opening up a world of information between the two countries and enhancing education and culture at the same time.


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