Refining the Message in the Medium: Defining and Communicating Brand Value

“ We don’t know how to judge success… that we’re spending money effectively. ”

“ A good person to have on board is a digital analyst—for the macro view, to create the one insightful page. ”

“ How are we going to communicate to our people every single quarter—organizational health, employee engagement, external awards, PR…? ”

“ Thanks for the conversation, it’s been sort of therapeutic—I’m not crazy! ”


As you can tell by these comments, our Roundtable conversation was both informative and enlightening. We began with a discussion of a Harvard Business Review article, ‘Marketing Success Through Differentiation-of Anything’ which was penned in 1980 yet surprisingly relevant. Later in the conversation, Michelle Basil Rodwell of Ambius shared a positioning article that established value messaging based on ROI (in their case, interpreted as Return On Interiors). Additionally, some of the participants were interested in best practices for social media guidelines. The WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) resources section seemed to be the logical starting point. All in all, we seemed to agree that communicating brand value is ongoing and imperative—to all audiences both internal and external.

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