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ReBranding & Relationships

Keeping your brand relevant to the primary audience. This week it dawned on me that this is very similar to relationships relevant between people. After all, brands, brand loyalty and brand equity are all built on reationships. In today’s terminology it’s ‘the brand experience,’ but it still comes down to how an individual relates to and interacts with your brand.

So think about your relationship, or someone you know, and the idea of renewing your vows. Have you done it? Have you been around when others have? I’ll bet the setting and the mood and the actual words were different from the first exchange of vows. That pesky “obey” part, no doubt. Because with individuals, as with brands, time changes all things.

So if you think about how a person sees themselves and their relationships and their value to the relationship change, you can understand how a brand’s relaevance must change. Or we will simply grow out of the relationship. We’ve all heard that line!

So rethink your brand’s relevance to your clients and customers (and employees) in today’s and tomorror’s terms. What is expected out of the relationship? What does your brand give? Why? Then re-evaluate your current positioning and value propositions. Align them with what you’ve just discovered. Trust me, all the major brands do this on a regular basis. At MKB, we are constantly reinventing our messaging to align with our business goals. And, we are applying this same methodology to our client brands with every initiative and program we develop and implement.

So rethink. Re-evaluate. Rebrand if necessary. And recapture your marketshare and mindshare. Your client relationships will grow and flourish.


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