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Change that builds Brand

As I continue to build my case for relevance—and specifically, Brand Relevance—I keep finding more and more support for the concept. I was recently made aware of this book written for associations and association management professionals. Just ordered, I have yet to read it, but I trust the Executive Director who recommended it to the point that I’ll recommend it unread!. Some info:

“The most provocative and compelling book on association governance and management in a quarter century!”
—Gary A. LaBranche, CAE
President & CEO
Association for Corporate Growth

And the promotional blurb about the book:
How can my association prosper in the future? Find out in Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations. Race for Relevance provides a bold, no-nonsense look at the realities of today’s marketplace—and what it will take for associations to prosper tomorrow.

This is a book about fundamental changes in how we operate associations. It examines:

How we need to lead and manage our organizations
How we should look at our member markets
How we might structure and deliver our programs and services
Race for Relevance includes worksheets, case studies and thought-provoking questions designed to be used by both seasoned professionals and tomorrow’s leader. These planning tools provide thoughtful and practical approaches to leading your association’s revolution, helping you focus on not just the “what,” but more importantly, the “why” and “how.”

Race for Relevance is about major changes in the way we think about our associations. And it’s a book for association leaders—staff and volunteers alike—who want their organizations to thrive, not just survive.

So take a look—and meanwhile, I’ll be reading and speaking about keeping your corporate and association brand relevant.


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