Google+ Brands Must Evolve

Did you see the recent headline for a cover story in Crain’s?

Evolve or Die

Pretty harsh. But not inaccurate. Though not necessarily a new concept—the idea has been around since the start of the industrial age, in fact giving rise to entire organizations, departments and positions (think Chief Innovation Officer)—it really hits the mark in this ‘wobbly’ economy. Our clients are most concerned with evolving their brands and value propositions. This includes brand promise and often honing in on their core expertise in order to better use marketing and communications to simply state what their expertise is. Sometimes this even means a refocus of target markets and services offered.

We are in the throes of discovering true value and member meaning for one of our Association clients right now. Armed with the understanding of the changing marketplace, generational differences, social media’s rise and increased competition, McKnight Kurland is diving into the heart of the brand and re-framing it for the future.

The Crain’s article was about the Field Museum, but it could easily have been about any business in any industry. There are parallels and there are lessons to be learned. I’m sure the Field will survive this downturn and it will be interesting to watch as the institution evolves. Is your business evolving fast enough? And if it is, are you communicating that to your marketplace?


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