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Brandline Relevance

More than a tagline or strapline

One of the most common translations of brand relevance that we’ve been highly involved with lately is in the development of organizational brandlines. It seems that marketing directors and CMOs alike are recognizing that their taglines are not brandlines. There’s a major difference there. And although many people will use the terms interchangeably, I believe they are vastly different.

A tagline is just that—something tagged on at the end. Think of them as the sign off at the bottom of an ad, after the logo. Sort of noticeable but not that importatnt. A brandline though, encapsulates the spirit and essence of the brand—or at least it should. A great brandline should capture your attention, it should make you pause, and maybe read it again. It should ADD to your understanding of the organization, and ideally it should leave a positive impression.

You can’t do that with a brandline that was developed from positioning that is not relevant and true to the brand. So the best brandlines follow the development of positioning. A great client of ours, INTREN, just launched their new brand with our marketing communications planning and implementation help. One of our best brandlines came out of this initiative. Understand that this is construction and utility support organization—called upon for storm damage, infrastructure issues and 24/7/365 response expectations. Our brandline?

INTREN OutPerforming. Everyday.

I know I don’t need to explain why it’s brilliant (if I do say so myself). But I will suggest that you think about your current brandline (or tagline or strapline) and deternmine its relevance and impact. Is it DOING anything for you?

And call us if you’d like to explore brilliance.


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