Brand Relevance/Brand Equity

Business brands and the business of branding

It’s still snowing here in Michigan. This, on top of the layers of accumulation from the past several snows and couple of months. They just continue to pile on. Almost unnoticed—especially when it’s a dusting, a non-event unheralded by the weather forecasters and the media.

This, my friends, is how many brands exist today. A strong and solid foundation with layer upon layer of accumulated build-up. Some layers are major events—intentional shifts in the ‘weather pattern’ of the brand, but many are just subsequent add-ons, slowly obliterating the brand essence and making navigation difficult.

Our expertise as branding and marketing professionals is in our ability to dig through to the core of the brand, brush off the fluff, and recognize what lies beneath. Our job is to re-surface the brand truth—the essence and promise—and make it relevant to the marketplace. I plan on making this theme of uncovering and discovering brand relevance central to a series of posts, discussing both the process and the inevitable benefits of doing it well.

So if you’ll excuse me while I go and dig out my car, spend some time thinking through your corporate brand—the reason’deteree’—and determine how well that is being presented to your clients and prospects in every communications touchpoint.


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