Google+ Videos, YouTube and AdWords

Videos, YouTube and AdWords

When YouTube started back in 2005, no one could have predicted that it would become the mega site that we all know today.

Over 60 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

That’s 1 hour of video every second! Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube every month. That’s quite an audience. YouTube has certainly recognized this opportunity and has created great ways for companies to reach out to the right viewers. When Google acquired YouTube in 2006, it brought up the opportunity for Google AdWords to be implemented into YouTube content. This allows advertisers to select the appropriate demographics and format for their ad campaigns.

If you are wondering who should use YouTube as a platform for their ad campaigns, let the demographics speak for themselves. Over 60% of women ages 18-24 and 67% of men ages 18-24 are on YouTube. But the “youngsters” aren’t the only ones enjoying the video site. According to YouTube studies, 62% of viewers are over 35 years old. The studies also show that nearly 50% have a college education as well as an income greater than $75,000 each year. It is safe to say that YouTube reaches many consumers with a wide range of demographics.

If an advertiser is worried their video will not reach enough of their targets: Have no fear, social media is here!! Social media contributes to quite a bit of traffic to YouTube.

700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute.

Still have doubts? Well, 500 years of YouTube video content is viewed on Facebook everyday! Therefore, it is almost guaranteed that the ad will be seen. Not to mention, YouTube ensures that the right consumer, thanks to AdWords, will view it.

AdWords is Google’s advertising service that can be utilized by just about anyone. AdWords was implemented in 2000 by Google and since then has been Google’s main source of revenue thanks to the gain in popularity of the search site.  Over the years, AdWords has developed into a user-friendly way to promote a company or brand using videos ads (among other things) via YouTube.

The great thing about AdWords is that users can choose the amount they would like to pay per view as well as how much they would like to pay per month. Users are then allowed to specify a start and end date for a specific campaign as well as pause or stop the campaign at any time. This allows for an incredibly customizable campaign. However, if that’s not customizable enough already, users can also choose the format of their ads. Below is a chart that explains the types of formats available in detail:

AdWords even allows the advertiser to choose the correct demographics. Users can choose geographical demographics as well as name their target based on things like age group and gender. A bonus feature is the keyword target. The user can set their ads to be seen on videos based off of keywords. Perhaps the best part of keyword targeting is that users have the ability to set negative targets, meaning users may disable their video from popping up in searches of unrelated topics.

Anyway you look at it, YouTube is the new foreground for advertising. More and more companies (including 98 of AdAge’s Top 100 Advertisers) are running ad campaigns on YouTube. Thanks to the simplicity of Google AdWords, it’s become even easier for new-to-internet companies to reach their appropriate demographics when launching an ad. It’s pretty clear that YouTube has created a revolutionary launching pad for advertisers to reach their target demographics.

By Erin Scheck


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