Google+ Social and B2B Brands

Social and B2B Brands

At a recent MK MarketShare (our marketing executive roundtable discussion groups), one of the participants recommended that we look at a recent study report from FedEx and Ketchum on Social Business . It expands upon research first undertaken in 2010 and analyzes the transformation that has taken place since then.


Numerous issues and critical questions were addressed, and many insights are gathered and organized under broad topics such as:

  • What is social business?
  • The evolving environment
  • Social inside organizations
  • Social ownership

While much of the findings and real-world examples are from large multi-nationals, it is abundantly clear that these organizations are trail-blazers and early adopters and that these trends and best practices will become standard operating procedure for organizations of all sizes in the future.


One of the key distinctions that this report makes is that the evolution is from social media to social business. As they put it:

Organizations are leveraging social media tools to evolve into social businesses – creating communities and relationships with external and internal stakeholders that are transforming the way they do business. This has impacted organizational structure and hierarchies in a way that will continue to drive successful companies to become more adaptive and responsive to their stakeholders’ needs and preferences.

Additionally, there is clearly growing use by B2B organizations internally “to generate innovative ideas and strengthen relationships.” All in all this report provides a great window to the future—and though everything will be different in two years (thanks to the ever-increasing speed of change), the truest and best ideas always find their way into the mainstream. And as one participant put it:

“In a world where nothing can be hidden, you better have nothing to hide.”

by Frank Kurland



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