Google+ Content and Social

Content and Social

There is some talk going around now about the idea that content developed specifically to help search engine rankings may be fast becoming a thing of the past. Part of the reason is Google’s ever-changing algorithms weeding out low-quality content. In fact, in 2011, Google’s Panda update penalized ‘thin’ content sites in the SERPs. (

But the more interesting phenomenon is the continued growth of Facebook and Twitter – and the concept of shareable content. As quoted in Adweek, social readers are 2.5 times more valuable than search-driven readers in time spent and frequency. It makes sense. Think about it – when search results present a company as an answer to a query, the selection is based on mathematical equations. When social drives a person to your site it’s through a warm recommendation. A referral, if you will. You can’t ask for much better.

So think about developing content differently. Think about its share-ability and about creating content for a multi-platform world.


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