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Brands, Videos, Relevance and Entertainment

Videos are everywhere. It could be the newest music video by your favorite band or a funny cat video a friend posted on your Facebook page; or a how-to video for all those do-it-yourselfers out there; or an intro to a company, product or service that you’re considering. There is no denying that everyone, including marketers, turns to videos to showcase their ideas, concepts, products, services—and sometimes, their new cat. So naturally, videos have become a way for companies to boost their brand reach. Many stats point to the fact that videos are the most effective way to get your brand and voice spread over the Internet. Videos can help gain a positive reputation for your brand by making it feel “real,” which then creates a humanized experience for the viewer.

More and more people are consuming video on the Internet than ever before. The average person watches 22 hours of video a month. Yes, a month. Most of these videos being watched are short-form videos that only last around 1 to 2 minutes. Yet the trend is moving to longer versions—averaging 5.5 minutes. The shorter videos cater towards the attention span of the social media generation—quick videos that inspire, provoke and/or entertain. When done well, these videos provide opportunities to educate potential clients/customers at any time of day.

More engaging than static text and graphics, videos are a multi-sensory experience for the viewer. They trigger the greatest emotional response in a potential target audience—more than any other form of advertising.

All you need is an idea.

Ah—the catch. The brand needs to tell a story in this video. It needs to be able to engage a social media audience. The video content should not sell, but rather engage viewers. By telling a story and engaging the viewer, it establishes brand loyalty and can potentially propel a video out into the social marketplace. Use an authentic and cohesive concept and you’re on your way.

Sometimes, the concept can have nothing to do with the company or brand, especially with consumer products. The “Where the Hell is Matt?” series comes to mind. Stride gum funded a man to do a silly dance in different locations across the world and film it. The video series has nothing to do with gum, but it has gained over 50 million views nonetheless. It may not be an “in-your-face” campaign, but it has brought smiles to people around the world, and that’s ultimately the emotion most likely wanted in association with a brand—happiness!


Matt on YouTube

Short-form content is also free to distribute. Instead of paying for a costly TV spot, advertisers are now able to use sites like Vimeo and YouTube as a launching pad for their videos. From there, companies can share on their Facebook or Twitter pages. Another video/content spreading social media site that has recently become a popular tool for b2b companies is Pinterest…but perhaps I should save that for another blog. J

Videos are a major marketing trend right now, and as marketers, we must find a way to keep brands relevant. Trends move quickly, and keeping up is key.

“If you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind” –Steven Bell

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by Erin Scheck



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