Google+ Relevance or Insight?

Relevance or Insight?

I’ve been writing about brand relevance for a while now, and as of lately, have added the concept of relationships to the mix. They are, after all, interconnected is as much as strong brand relationships aren’t built without relevance and relevance is meaningless without relationships. So what about insight. Where does this most elusive and desirous of all marketing objectives fit into the mix?



Insight is the holy grail of brand marketing and the key to relevance and relationships. Think about personal relationships for a second. Insight is like laughter in a personal relationship. Do you need it for the relationship to exist? No. But when it’s there, the relationship is more meaningful and more compelling. Stronger and often more relevant.

So there’s a lot of buzz about big data today, and now the opposite idea, small data is getting some play. Mostly because of insight. It’s the old information overload saga of inundation with big data, and that ‘more is not better.’ In fact, more can be smothering—and more data without meaning is an episode of ‘hoarders’ waiting to happen. Eventually you can’t wade through it all, and it just keeps piling up, and up, and… Well you get it.

So insight comes in to save the day. Or so the Program Host would have you believe. The problem is that insight doesn’t just show up at your doorstep like the blue fairy in a book by Grimm. It’s an innate talent cultivated by a few individuals—some of whom work at McKnight Kurland 😉

So it’s really not a question of relevance OR insight, but how insight IS relevance. So skip the ‘more is better’ as far as data and invite that blue fairy in to sift though the ‘what’ to find the ‘why.’ Your marketing dollars will thank you.

By Frank Kurland



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