Google+ Brand Experience is Brand Relationship

Brand Experience is Brand Relationship

I was struck by a quote in a recent Crain’s Chicago Business article about the Chicago based media planning agency Starcom. The quote was from Starcom’s president of investment and activation, Amanda Richman:
“We don’t even like the ‘D’ word anymore. Everyone is digitized and everyone is socialized. It’s about the experience rather than the channel.”

Funny, but we at McKnight Kurland have been sharing this thought with our clients for a few years now. We tend to present it as digital is not a strategy, social is not a strategy—they are channels and media and technologies, but not strategies. And a way to look at this is to have one marketing budget where the spend between categories and tactics and channels is fluctuating in response to market conditions and opportunities.

With a focus on the quality of the overall brand experience, marketers will impact the brand’s relevance and therefor improve the brand relationship with the audience. After all, relationship is what all brands seek. Relationship is what allows brands to be discovered, understood and trusted in the early decision making stages of the purchase cycle, and is the golden calf of desire driving the loyalty loop.


We spend a good deal of energy understanding the experience that our client brands believe (or wish) their clients/customers have with them. This understanding influences our recommendations for branding and marketing—everything from the brand essence through value messaging, media selection, event participation and measures of effectiveness. It’s how we craft the ideal relationship with the brand from a communications perspective, without focusing on the ‘D’ word.

by Frank Kurland


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