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Mighty Math

Voices for Illinois Children champions the full development of every child in Illinois to assure the future well-being of everyone in the state. They work with families, communities, and policymakers across multiple issue areas to help children grow up healthy, happy, safe, loved, and well-educated. As phase one of a multi-year public awareness campaign about the importance of early math in childhood development, they contracted with McKnight Kurland to create the foundational initiative theme and key messaging points. Our solution layered the complex concepts of what math encompasses with the benefits of engagement and the idea that math is fun. Emotional, powerful and non-threatening, the theme of Mighty Math plays to the child’s superhero ego, and the parents’ desire for better prepared children. The visuals embody the concepts of soaring, blossoming, taking flight, transforming, etc.—through math—and tested well with children who related to the characters.