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In our second rebranding of Kathy Schaeffer and Associates, they decided to make the move to simplifying the name to KSA. We were asked to develop an identity reflective of their work (a public relations firm, specializing in issues-oriented communications) and present a range of solutions—close to their existing brand and far from it. The final logo references the layers of complexity and communications that are inherent in their process and solutions—a clean, bold and contemporary look for this smart and passionate organization.

KSA is a Chicago public relations firm, specializing in issues-oriented communications. They help clients—associations, nonprofits and corporations—create and implement strategies to win in the court of public opinion. McKnight Kurland has developed a direct mail campaign for KSA for the past several years, with measurable success. Compelling key messaging based on their brand promise of Smart / Passionate / Ingenious teamwork along with appealing visuals of children lend a consistency and warmth to the program—reflective of the values of the organization. Structure, format and image treatment change over time to reflect changes in the brand, but every iteration is clearly KSA.

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