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ICTC, a coalition of nearly 100 public and private entities throughout Illinois, selected McKnight Kurland to increase public awareness about childhood trauma, its causes and effects, as well as prevention and treatment. Working closely with the organization to understand the subtleties of the trauma issue, we developed a non-threatening, but actionable theme—Look Through Their Eyes. We launched the multi-year awareness campaign with a marketing plan that focused on three key strategies: public service announcements, public relations and social media content. This unique marketing approach combines direct effort from ICTC to the public and media as well as efforts from service providers within their local markets. Numerous elements have been—and continue to be—developed including:

  • In-depth website complete with curated resources and a geo-mapped service provider function to easily connect parents with providers
  • PSAs focused on key event causes: domestic issues; bullying; community violence
  • Campaign mnemonic to add ‘stickiness’ to our messaging
  • Radio and market-specific advertising
  • Media communications including fact sheets and infographics
  • Training program to teach professionals in member agencies how to pitch public service announcements and work with media
  • Event support materials
  • Spanish versions of the website and most materials
  • Palm cards for distribution by law enforcement at trauma-significant events

Because of its continued success, additional funding has allowed two major campaign extensions:

1) to focus specifically on children 0-5, where we adapted the theme to acknowledge young children’s inability to verbalize issues; and

2) developing information and communications to key players within the law enforcement and judicial systems.