Google+ Technology, Content and Distribution

Technology, Content and Distribution

It’s the first day in New York at the opening session of a new business conference with a kick-off keynote titled “Marketing in a culture of curation.” Given by David Shing – a self-professed ‘digital prophet’.

And one of the opening statements that stopped the audience dead was that “attention is the new currency”.  It’s what every brand strives for and what all ROI discussions are starting to center around. Presented as the ‘lean back, lean in, lean back’ transition, meaning that years ago we were entertained by TV – lean back in the sofa and watch. Then came lean in to your desktop computer and surf for all it’s worth. Now we are moving again toward lean back with the prevalence of tablets. Their innate abilities to allow the user to relax with them and once again be entertained. Primarily through video and conversations.

So how do brands vie for and win attention from their primary target audiences? It’s a combination of technology, content and distribution.
1) Use the right technology to create content as well as allow access for it. That means mobile. Tablets and smartphones.
2) One key to making content shareable is co-creation. If your audience has a hand in developing it, they will have an ownership of it and be advocates for it. This doesn’t mean they should be submitting white papers ( though for some organizations such as associations that works) but it could be as adding a value-add service after polling clients.
3) Distributed content is the term you’ll be hearing a lot. Go where the conversation is and not just on your Facebook page.

All in all an exciting day reflecting an exciting time to be a marketer! And by the way, my day’s notes were all taken on my iPad and the room was full of them. Tablets and mobile are just getting started!


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