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Everything is Digital


One could easily argue that all marketing and communications today are digital. That there is no reason to speak of digital as an alternate medium or a specific channel or an agency’s expertise. Take the panel discussion I was at as an example. Sure it was a live event. But it was also webcasting live. It would later be available as a podcast. Tweets were happening simultaneously with the discussion. The projected presentations were created how – on a laptop in powerpoint.

This was, in fact, the crux of an interesting presentation on the last day of the New Business conference yesterday. Now I’m not saying that all marketers and creatives are equally versed and skilled in all things ‘digital’. But, when it comes down to planning a brand or marketing or communications strategy, digital must simply be an inherent part of the discussion, as integrated as the color red is.

Sometimes this requires a shift in thinking for some people. But the savvy folks who truly get it, know that all brands exist in both the physical and digital realms at all times and there is no line between them. When you see an ad on your smartphone, is that digital (because of the delivery) or physical (because of the tactile device)? If they send you a coupon, and you print it, is it digital or print. When you comment on the brand on Twitter and then later over drinks, is that social, WOM, mobile, digital or something else.

Today, effective plans, programs, campaigns and platforms are all-encompassing, focused on achieving strategic business goals and measurable outcomes, not on how much we have to spend on digital vs print vs event vs social vs whatever. Digital and mobile are delivery technologies. Embrace them. Use them. Integrate them. Push their capabilities. But don’t separate them out as individual or stand-alone entities. Understand their place within the interconnected ecosphere of possibilities. Then get creative. Success will follow.


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