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The Marketing Executive Roundtable Series

MarketShare is an invitation-only, peer-to-peer issues and ideas roundtable series where a limited number of marketing executives gather to discuss opportunities, challenges, trends and experiences. The topics focus on issues of marketing, branding and communications—including strategy, insight, creative, talent, budgeting, technology and measurement—and how they affect growth, engagement and revenue. McKnight Kurland—an integrated communications agency—hosts and moderates the discussions.

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The roundtables are generally held mid-week between 8am and 10am, with time for networking and one-on-one conversations. In addition to the active discussion, participants have access to one another through shared contact information. The roundtables are conducted at McKnight Kurland, in a neutral, safe and secure environment, free of competition, solicitation or promotion.

Why We Created MarketShare

McKnight Kurland developed the MarketShare Roundtables in 2009 in response to the needs of marketing executives and CMOs who expressed a desire for peer-to-peer engagement, where both common and individual concerns, challenges and questions can be discussed openly.

Expectations and Roles

McKnight Kurland’s invitational process is highly selective. We believe that comfort and mutual respect within the group will best serve the outcomes of each gathering, and therefore limit participation from perceived competitive organizations. There is little required of MarketShare participants other than a willingness to share and exchange their experiences associated with the topic under discussion.


McKnight Kurland understands that confidentiality is the ultimate concern. For the MarketShare Roundtable to succeed, all participants must believe that every conversation is private and all opinions expressed are held in the highest confidence. Specifics of organizational performance, references to individual names and all other details that may be shared will remain private. Names and contact information will remain private to participants. Additionally, we require that all participants sign a non-disclosure agreement.

[blox_testimonial][blox_testimonial_item author=”Fritz Johnston” position=”VP Global Brand Management and Advertising” company=”The Boeing Company”]“The McKnight Kurland sponsored Roundtables are an outstanding way to stay connected with some of the brightest and most engaging brand professionals in Chicago. I have always walked away from every Roundtable a little smarter and more connected. A great place to get a different and important perspective.”[/blox_testimonial_item][/blox_testimonial]
[blox_testimonial][blox_testimonial_item author=”Cindy Kuhn” position=”Senior Marketing Communications Professional”]“MarketShare Roundtables are an inspiration as well as providing practical ideas that I can take back to my company and implement. The topics and the caliber of professionals sharing their various experiences makes for engaging, interesting and relevant discussions on real life marketing challenges.”[/blox_testimonial_item][/blox_testimonial]
[blox_testimonial][blox_testimonial_item author=”Eileen Murray” position=”Executive Director” company=”Society of Epilepsy”]”The Roundtables provide an outstanding opportunity for sharing of information and insight among colleagues in a collaborative and
engaging format.”[/blox_testimonial_item][/blox_testimonial]

MarketShare is a collaborative effort from McKnight Kurland and Bright Ideas