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What Does It Mean To Be A Human Era Brand?

75% of buying experiences are based on emotion. This was the statistic that closed our brief introduction to Human to Human marketing—what it is, and why all organizations need to understand and embrace the concept. Some other key human factors that were elaborated on:

  • Be the interesting person at the party—The goal of H2H marketing is: Meaningful Connections
  • Know who you’re talking with—Approach H2H through the use of personas, scenarios and mental mapping
  • Dress the part—46% of people say a website’s design is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of a company
  • Offer help and share what you know—B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms

The conversation was robust, meaningful and personal— all in all a very Human experience. One of the participants expounded on their ongoing efforts to advance the humanizing connection to their brand in terms of positioning the Annual Meeting: “…we’re starting to talk not about the content of the meeting but the experience of the meeting.”



“The biggest risk for an organization in embracing H2H is in not doing it well–not being true to who they are.”

Member Recommendation: Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille.
A cultural anthropologist and marketing expert, Rapaille has used the Culture Code to help companies as diverse as GE, AT&T, Boeing, Honda, Kellogg, and L’Oréal improve their
bottom line.

Our Presentation


Why Every Business Should Be an H2H (Human to Human) Business

A Return to Simplicity, Empathy and Imperfection in Communication: Human to Human #H2H

Reference Source: Welcome to the Human Era, by Hill Holliday and Lippincott


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