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Strengthening the Sales & Marketing Alignment

On Friday, June 6th we’ll be continuing the Sales and Marketing discussion for those that could not attend the last Roundtable via a live online discussion.The Topic: In today’s world, sales and marketing are more aligned than ever before. Same objectives: building awareness and increase purchasing behavior. Same target markets. Same desired outcomes: bottom line results.And with the ever-burgeoning fields of sales and marketing analytics, there’s a lot of information that you can use to dovetail and optimize your face-to-face, direct marketing and social media strategies. In this session, we’ll revisit how our roundtable participants are balancing sales and marketing efforts to optimize outcomes.

We hope you’ll join us for this lively, interactive session.

Please be prepared to discuss your issues around:• How you structure sales and marketing staff to enhance collaboration?
• Who owns which portion of lead qualification?
• How is each stage addressed through sales and marketing?
• What analytics are you using to track leads from marketing through sales?
• How have you enhanced outcomes through collaboration?
Here is a great article to wrap your mind around the topic.

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