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7 important marketing trends for success in 2017

7 Marketing Trends for 2017Market Traget Crossword

As we enter the new year, I thought it would be interesting to look ahead and share what I believe will be branding, marketing and communications shifts over the next 12 months. These are not really trends, because I think they’ll have a fairly long run and will transform over time, versus fade away as a true trend would — I’m looking at you, treadmill desk. Here, in no specific order are my top 7.

1. Many From One

I see a smarter video planning and production cycle taking shape. We need to stop thinking in terms of a single outcome video, and plan A and B roll concepts, scripts and filming that will accommodate production of numerous final videos in multiple lengths, with multiple stakeholders in mind for multiple channel use—all with minimal budget impact.

2. What Do I Say Now?

Messaging training is crucial to successful message delivery. It’s great when an organization has refined their brand messaging and key value propositions, targeted to specific stakeholder groups, but unless those messages are organized and sequenced, then training in delivery takes place, all that work is for naught. (And for a quick overview of a recent messaging development and training initiative read our ASCO case study.)

3. The Fake News Phenomenon Antidote

Address the facts and counter the confusion. With the apparent acceptance of being able to say (Tweet) anything today, regardless of the facts, we have an opportunity (obligation) to help clarify and speak the truth. There are a number of ways to accomplish this—a ‘mythbuster’ format is often effective—just remember that when they go low…

4. Everything Old is New Again

A return to classic design principles. Yes, the design grid still works. As does simple logo design. You see the move to bold and simple being played out in your iPhone apps and in so many other ways. Perhaps as an ongoing backlash to ever-more information, access and distraction, the leading principle of great design—where do you want their eye to focus first, second…?—applies more than ever.

5. Is it Done Yet? Or, I Need it Yesterday

Speed to market will separate the men from the boys (can we even use that phrase anymore?). Expectations are to hit the ground running with any new initiative, campaign or project. Gather insights quickly, develop concepts quickly, produce results quickly. And if we can incorporate research and evidenced-based decision making along the way, even better.

6. Content is King—but he’s short

Keep it short, simple, personal and direct. The rules of content marketing and the importance of personalization aren’t new, but just get to the point. More is not better. Remember that your audience is instantly connected but constantly distracted. Make it simple and clear, and always communicate what you want their behavior to be—drive your desired action.

7. Where Do I Go From Here?

She may be delivering it with an English accent but it’s still a roadmap. There’s no denying the benefits of having a plan in place—strategic, operational, tactical—as a way to align individual and team activity. Yes, they always change, but it’s more efficient to adapt a plan than to re-imagine next steps at every turn of the screw.

And here are some additional thoughtful takes on 2017 marketing trends:

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This one is pretty exhaustive, but here is a quick snapshot of the most common trends mentioned in it:

  • Video marketing (live streaming)
  • Marketing automation
  • Interactive content and visual storytelling
  • Personalization
  • Account based marketing
  • Artificial intelligence/ machine learning
  • Influencer marketing
  • Sales enablement
  • Closed loop attribution and reporting
  • Strategy

There you go! And here’s to a success-filled 2017!


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