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A Focused Website

I recently had to put together a primer on websites for a client proposal (your basic What, Why and How overview), and found it interesting to revisit these basic concepts in today’s terms. Clearly no one will likely argue that every organization needs an online presence, but the disparity seems to be about the quality of that presence. If a C’X’O is convinced that business does not come through web searches, then why care about SEO and rankings, about responsive design and fresh content, or videos and blogs?

I believe most of us know the answer—that people who are making a purchase decision (whether business or consumer) has done their research in whatever form it takes, and is 57% of the way through the purchase cycle before ever contacting the company.



This is why we build brand awareness. Why we differentiate. Why we advertise and converse in social media. It’s why we have websites. Sites that are user-friendly. That impart useful information. That help people solve real problems and understand real issues. And that create a path to purchase when for when they’re ready. These are the facets that have evolved over the last decade—sites that show an understanding of the user’s issues and a knowledge of the solutions. Clearly, compellingly and transparently.


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