The Branding of Politics

Yes, normally that headline is reversed – “the politics of branding” – but I found it intriguing when Adweek wrote an article titled ‘The Blanding of America.’

It’s a review of political candidate logos with commentary by several creatives. And though is has some very strong opinionated language, I think it pretty much tells the story and makes several good points that apply to the business of branding in general:
1) Just because you have creative software and can type it doesn’t make you a designer.
2) Make the brand about what the brand stands for – not just a rendition of the name.
3) Emotion trumps all else.
Take a look at the article and share any comments you have.

Another take on this headline comes in the form of relating known brands to political parties. I came across this chart the other day and thought about how each brand may – or may not have – set out to capture their specific target group. Its a chart showing the companies that are preferred by Republicans and Democrats (in general) – meaning brands that they are satisfied with, interested in and would recommend. Any surprises? So keep an eye on the race over the next 11 months and may the best brand win!


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