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The Active Evaluation of Brands

The active evaluation stage.

Think about that term. We often talk about and analyze that point in time when prospects evaluate the merits of, and differences between their selected set of potential choices. We know that we want them to retain our positioning and key value propositions that marketing and communications has presented to them. But if we look at this stage as truly what it is in today’s marketplace, it is an activity over time. The prospect is taking action to help define and narrow the field of choices. And it happens very early on in the decision cycle. Sometimes before a need or desire is even recognized.


What does this mean to marketing? It means we don’t control how or where or when the prospect is getting their information for evaluation. It means brands and brand reputations need to be found by individuals in their space and time, on their device of choice, in communities that they are already in or trust, and through channels that they frequent. But we all know this don’t we? That’s why we integrate marketing across print, digital and experiential media. That’s why we engage in social conversations. And that’s why our focus and budgets are stretched to the limits.

But at the core of active evaluation is the notion that the prospect is beyond the awareness stage, and wants to gain confidence while making their decision. It’s about consciously making the right choice. That’s why our clients focus on becoming subject matter experts, leaders in their fields, sharing their knowledge, remaining true to their brand promise. More than ever they are using case studies and testimonials—telling stories of others who made the right choice. Relatable real life experiences.

These are the brands that will thrive. The truthful and believable leaders who consistently build their brand at every touchpoint.

by Frank Kurland


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