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McKinsey: E-mail Marketing Works

Just read a very interesting article from McKinsey about the effectiveness of e-mail marketing—especially as compared to social media. They state that e-mail is nearly 40 more times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined to acquire customers.

Read the full article here:

They also are very clear about a few success factors that can contribute to the effectiveness, namely:
– be sure the full ‘click-through- experience is well thought through,
– monitor what works and doesn’t (across other campaigns also) and apply what’s learned, and
– personalize the messaging as much as possible.

I’d also add to this list a few other recommendations:
– present your message clearly and compellingly in a headline at the top of the page. Don’t assume that photos will be loaded or that people will begin reading to know what you’re trying to say, and
– keep it short and sweet. People want e-mails to get to the point. A page of copy is a huge time commitment and a visual turn-off.

Screen-shot-2014-01-07-at-11.15.10-AMAnd to an even more interesting statistic that this article makes but doesn’t focus on, is that organic search far out-performs e-mail. Just look at the chart. And just as they make the case for integrating social and e-mail campaigns, I make the case for integrating campaigns across numerous media and channels. And don’t ignore search. Keyword strategies, adword campaigns, fresh and relevant content, links, videos, tagging, etc. all play a part in delivering the audience to your front door—or better yet—a door created specifically for them.


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