Google+ Johnny Depp and Brand Insight

Johnny Depp and Brand Insight

Big data, big insights, big ideas. It’s halfway through my second day in the new business conference and many of the presenters and panelists have overlapping stories and viewpoints.  This is good. The top minds are thinking alike and using the same concepts in diverse situations.

One recurring concept is ‘big’. Big data (and google this if you aren’t familiar with the term) is becoming one of the major challenges of today’s marketers – in fact, it is transforming the CMO’s office. The statistic that blew the audience away was that there was more data created in 2011 than in all of history up to and including 2010. Yow! So how do marketers deal with, interpret and use all that data?

The answer is in finding insights.  Not conclusions from the data but insights. As in, “What does this data tell us about behavior?” This is research based insights. Insights at the point of purchase, consumption and conversation. (By the way, recognizing those three important decision-making times is an insight in itself – take note).

I would argue that when your brand promise is in alignment with a decision making insight, you are the inevitable winner. The winner of share of mind, share of heart and  share of wallet, as they say. And that is how your business grows and your brand builds equity. Organically and exponentially. But, you need the insight first.

So the third part is then what’s done with the insight. How do you connect your brand with the insight and reach your prospect audience? Through big creative. Impactful thinking. Out-of-the-box ideas. This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s how you get your message to the people – even if you can count those people on the fingers of one hand. Regardless of the size of your target market, determining what channels, media, message, technology and creative you are going to use is critical. I say go big or go home. And that’s apparently what the studio did for the new Tim Burton film Dark Shadows. I’ve see billboards and bus shelters throughout Chicago and tv spots on every channel. But not like in New York. They say everything’s bigger in Texas but take a look at this billboard. I estimate it to be 14 stories tall. Hard to miss. Hard to forget.

Dark Shadows – Johnny Depp

So don’t get buried by data. Nor ignore the power of insight. Use what you can to tell you what you need to know. Those insights are ‘strategic horsepower’. Then get it out there big-time.


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