Google+ Facebook’s Value in B2B Terms

Facebook’s Value in B2B Terms

In a recent Forbes posting on ‘Social Media Predictions For 2012’, two ideas jumped out at me as an incredibly clear way to look at and think about Facebook for our clients.

First, that we (and our clients) need to understand—and more importantly—accept that ‘social’ does NOT equal transactional. You may have heard it explained before but think of the idea that a friend of yours did nothing but try to sell you something every time you were together. You would end that relationship quickly and not look back. The same goes for social interaction online—it’s a conversation, not a timeshare presentation!

The second idea is a bit more nebulous. It is to think of Facebook as the overlay of the internet experience. It’s connections, conversations, recommendations, a filtering device, a sharing tool, a personalization mechanism, the gateway to being online, a trusted friend, and more. It’s an experience that works with and feeds other online experiences. More and more, traffic to websites will be routed through, or result from a Facebook interaction.

With these two concepts in mind, we as marketing communications and brand experts will be shaping the planned activities of our clients and setting new expectations for results.


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