Google+ Customer engagement with your brand can happen 24/7

Customer engagement with your brand can happen 24/7

And that means engagement is not limited to the workplace. In the consumer space, this segment is called Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising and it is revolutionizing the way brands reach and engage with their customers. I think the acronym happens to be perfect for the medium, because when it works well there is definitely an ooh! factor. There are more and more creative ideas being pursued, a few of the most notable examples (as highlighted by Adweek) are:

• A bus shelter in Australia that will dispense a free sample packet of soup when you call the listed phone number.
• Electronic billboards being used by McDonald’s that change the message based on the weather so when it is cold outside the advertisement promotes hot coffee and when it is hot, the ad changes to iced drinks.
• Using light and video technology as Hennessey did through a bus shelter video that also cast a message at night on the sidewalk to give ads extra interactivity that encouraged people to pursue their “Wild Rabbit” by snapping the QR code that took them to the company’s website.
• Peapod recently completed a Red Line subway passageway here in Chicago in which grocery item images are displayed on the walls with QR codes. Basically a virtual grocery store. Riders can snap the codes with their mobile phones and place the order, which is then delivered to their homes.
• As part of its RealFlex campaign, Reebok used out-of-home formats and social media to educate consumers about the sneaker’s “Running Buddy” technology. Interactive storefronts allowed passerbys to take pictures of themselves as “running buddies” and share them via Facebook and email. The campaign yielded nearly 60 million impressions in New York and Los Angeles, and the interactive storefronts recorded more than 20,000 pictures taken.

As the technology for all of this interactivity becomes more and more prevalent, we will no doubt be seeing even more unique applications. And the more we see in the consumer space, the more B2B marketers will need to step up their game to adapt ideas and technologies to their brands. Think OOO. (Out-of-Office). And don’t forget to go for the ‘ooo factor’. Not dissimilar from the infamous Oprah ‘aha moment’. It’s that moment when your brand transcends speaking to your market and becomes part of an individual’s consciousness. No small task.

So think creatively. Understand where your target audience lives, socializes and plays, not just where they work. And know what you expect the outcome to be—action or awareness. Now go get some OOOs!

Morris McKnight


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