Google+ Complexity and Brands

At McKnight Kurland, we have always told clients and prospects that we love addressing complex marketing and communications problems. These are the situations that may keep you up at night but make us get up in the morning. The issue today is the level of complexity facing marketers—not just from a brand or messaging perspective, but also the amount of data available, and the number of channel and media options that are constantly emerging.

B to B recently covered the issue of complexity and quoted Tom Haas, CMO of Siemens: “Complexity is our biggest issue.” And he, in fact, summed it up in the statement: “If Siemens only knew what Siemens knows.”

Brilliantly insightful.

So what do smart marketers do? Take a cue from Tom and determine what you know. Start by knowing your target markets—who they are and WHERE they are. Then know your brand—what is your true brand essence, your brand promise. Then know what has worked and what hasn’t. Not just from an ROI perspective, but also what motivated staff, what created an aha moment within the C-suite. Then move. Take the complex messages of your services and your brands differentiation and develop simple, true, understandable and memorable communications. Your customers will appreciate it. And your brand will reap the benefits.


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