Google+ Brand Relevance is Brand Relationship

Regardless of the terminology that we apply to the idea of creating relevant content— and one I particularly like is ‘content in context’—brand relevance remains the overriding goal for effective marketing and communications planning and development. The challenge is to stay relevant. And, of course, this really is only a challenge if your brand has relevance to begin with. If not, the foundational brand work must be addressed and revised. If however, you face the task of remaining relevant, the shift in thinking today is to address relevance as relationship.


The relationship your clients have with your brand is imperative to the ongoing success of your organization. The relationship you have with your employees and the relationship they have with the company will be reflected in the relationship they have with existing and prospective clients. The relationships that exist between client peer groups affects the way your brand can move by word-of-mouth. The relationship between on- and off-line marketing and communication activities affects the cohesiveness of a campaign, and the effectiveness of your investment. The list can continue. But you get the point—brands are built (and have occasionally be brought down) through relationships.

And the relationship doesn’t have to be love.


Think about real life. It may be built on respect. It may be aspirational. It may just be like. But that’s a whole other post.

by Frank Kurland


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