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Brand Positioning and Messaging— Cornerstones to Successful Business Strategy


We were asked by the 1871 Incubator to host an interactive session on brand, positioning and messaging for start-ups, demonstrating how all three elements – when executed ‘correctly’ – add value to business strategy.

Outcomes for participants included enlightenment on how the various dimensions of brand really add value in defining the actual core business platform. In addition, we showed how to effectively reach and engage audiences for a return on marketing investment. A COO saw how complex and fascinating the marketing element is to the business’ overall success and another founder indicated “Wow, marketing is really all about emotion!”

Initially, the session focused on brand elements – the promise, essence and experience. Simply put, say who you are, be who you are and most importantly, do what you say. We then connected how the anatomy of positioning, value-based messaging, brandlines and message-mapping create consistency, credibility and a bridge to success.

Additionally, here is a Forbes article that refers to Aristotle and Steve Jobs. It demonstrates the recipe for effectiveness that Jobs applied to the Apple brand using a strategic verbal discourse with different audiences on how to portray the brand. Steve, as one of the most effective orators of our time, pulls from classic tools of persuasion – ethos (credibility), logos (logic) and pathos (emotion) – integrating metaphoric storytelling to successfully position one of the strongest brands of our time. It’s a great, quick read and relates directly to best practice brand and messaging… enjoy!





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