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Brand Clarity and Translation

Some brand messages get ‘lost in translation’. No, not the translation from one language into another, but the translation from concept, vision, promise and essence into authentic, resonant, emotional and compelling reality.
The translation from the language used in business plans, budgeting and brand-speak into the one memorable concept your audience will think when thinking of your organization. It’s the combination of the brand DNA and brand promise with emotionally resonant language – simply and clearly.

As elusive as this translation ability happens to be to many, many organizations, it is one of the distinguishing services of our firm. And translation – in this case similar to traditional language translation – is still a combination of art and science. There’s formula and feeling, both of which must be applied in order to be distinctive and compelling. We recently presented our capabilities with an example of our translation ability, exemplified through our most recent campaign for the AMC Institute.

Here’s the ‘gist’: Association Management Companies (AMCs) provide numerous outsourced services to associations, including full management capabilities. There persisted both a misunderstanding of their capabilities and benefits, as well as limited knowledge of their existence. There were also negative perceptions, including a lack of ‘caring/passion’ compared to members, and a distrust of the ability of a for-profit organization to align with the mission of a not-for-profit. (There were also, of course, numerous other issues at play here.)

Our solution was to develop a layered messaging strategy, and then bring it to life through translation. So from a 20-page document of positioning, value propositions and benefit statements, we developed this:


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