Google+ A Brand Shift

It’s happening in consumer products quite a lot now as they catch up to what great B2B marketers have always done—sell to the benefit, not the features. The best way I’ve heard it phrased is:

Shift the focus from the performance of the product to the performance of the user.

That’s the magic bullet we always look for when creating compelling headlines and meaningful value propositions. When you can suggest (or promise) that the prospect’s job will be easier, they’ll sleep better at night, they’ll have more family time, or they’ll be better at what they do and they’ll be happier doing it, you have a convincing story.



And when you do focus on the user’s ‘enhanced’ performance, make sure the message follows a few simple guidelines:

1. Make it meaningful to the identified target audience. Can they relate?
2. Will they believe it? Don’t overpromise.
3. Does it have ‘legs’? The message should be valid for the foreseeable future.
4. Is it distinctive and ownable? The more it helps defines your differentiation the better.
5. Is it understandable and memorable. Keep it simple, clear and short.

by Frank Kurland


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