7 Universal Truths for Ensuring Brand Relevance

I started this blog with the singular theme of brand relevance. Well, as with any conversation, there were tangents to be followed, ideas to be explored and issues to weigh in on. But today I’d like to revisit brand relevance and begin a series based on a recent read. Mitch Baranowski identified in a blog 7 universal truths for ensuring brand relevance. I’m going to cover them briefly here, then explore each one in more detail in future blogs. By the end, I think we’ll know if these 7 are accurate paths to follow and also have an idea if there even is such a thing as a universal truth in marketing and branding. I hope so. So here now are the ‘truths’ in brief:

1) Be Human
Consumers don’t expect brands to be perfect; they just want brands to be honest, and they value relationships beyond mere transactions.

2) Have a Point of View
Who are you? What drives you? What do you stand for? Why should I care?

3) Be the Cause
Leading companies are working to embody the cause. The old maxim is true: actions speaker louder than words.

4) Be a Catalyst for Change
Once you know where you stand and how you want to show up, it’s easy to go beyond cheerleading for social change and to instead create ways for like-minded consumers to join in.

5) Sell an Experience, Not a Product or Service
Consumers may need stuff, but what they really want is to connect to each other and to the brands that are part of their lives.

6) Create It Together
True co-creativity is no gimmick; it’s a powerful approach that holds space for innovating with consumers around a shared sense of purpose.

7) Build It from the Inside-Out
Engage employees in helping your organization truly own these universal principles.

These sound great. And I wonder if there aren’t more. Stay tuned…

by Frank Kurland


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